1791-L in 2019

The 1791-L channel will be featuring a new series in 2019 called Diet of Worms

While I enjoy producing long-form, artistic videos, a recurring issue is that they’re inconsistent. It’s become clear that expending a huge amount of production time on videos that sometimes only reach 60k is not the best strategy for growth. Additionally, only using this approach to our content means that we don’t have the ability to comment on time sensitive and developing stories. Now this does not mean we will be ending the artistic approach to 1791 videos, rather we will begin supplementing the main content with the new series Diet of Worms. Our new series will optimize 1791-L for YouTube algorithms, which favor frequent uploads. This also means that we can perfect our long form productions without concern that the channel’s been dormant for too long. It’s no coincidence that our favorite videos are the especially meaningful ones that we spent the most time considering and producing. Some examples would be The Mind of Kanye, What Makes Art Great, and TARANTULAS. Adding the new series, Diet of Worms, will be the best way to strike a balance between exceptionally produced pieces, while maintaining a consistent presence on the platform. Rest assured, our focus on the quality of both types of videos will not waver. The main 1791 productions will continue being marked with the channel’s logo.

See you next year.

Lex Villena