Understanding Yang Gang

If even under a firebrand Republican administration the country moves leftward, spending more than ever before, receiving more illegal immigrants than under Obama, and seeing more technological censorship, why should a candidate willing to tackle the issues of censorship and job displacement be written off?

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The Political Plebian

Far too many are eager to allow hubristic entertainers & celebrities get away with thoughtless political smears, even with they're pressured to face up. YouTubers on Twitter are no exception.

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Christian O'Brien
The Mind of Kanye

The pursuit of truth isn’t a clean one — that’s how you know someone is thinking, because the act of thinking is often imperfect, just as the thinker is. Whereas if someone has set upon a set of ideas and defends them to the last, impenetrably convinced of their validity, it’s unlikely that they’re thinking at all. This process may appear as thought, but the answer is already known to the thinker — the rest of it is just a series of rationalizations for that predetermined answer. Kanye no doubt fumbles, but he makes an meaningful attempt to challenge his world’s ideas and biases.

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