What does the year 1791 mark? 

Elements of Enlightenment thinking sparked intellectual, social, and political revolutions in the 18th century. This included the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791.



What does the logo mean? 

The 1791 logo visualizes an entryway to a new era of media. With each step set down by great men of time’s past, it leads to a new plane of ideas and possibility, freed from sanitized restriction.

What does Diet of Worms reference? 

Martin Luther's rebellion against the intellectual & aristocrat class, which reached crisis point at the Diet of Worms. Facing death, he refused to accept their orthodoxies unless convinced by Scriptural text or clear reason. As a result, the emperor banned anyone from defending him or providing him aid.

What’s used to make your videos?

MXL V67G, Samson C02, Panasonic GH4, Adobe After Effects, Ableton, Cinema 4D R19

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Lex Villena Founder, 2D & 3D Animation, Soundtrack

Christian O'Brien Contributor, Interviewer



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